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10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal for Entrepreneurs & Startups

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In the present business era, no one can think about starting a business entity without an online presence. Normally, entrepreneurs and startup firms dream for a perfect online platform the same way they dream for their business to touch the sky. They come up with huge ideas and hope to implement them as it is. But, yes, there is a but!

All these dream-come-true websites require a huge investment which will not be feasible for beginners. For startups and entrepreneurs, a website should be a place which is cost-effective and convenient to explain their business ideas at its best, to lay the road to its success, and to inform stakeholders and the public of their progress. It cements the basic details of the venture like name, address, email, phone numbers, etc. to the public.

A business website also lets an entrepreneur post about careers, and also to reach out for investors and potential clients. You can easily do a pre-marketing with an early launching of the website. After the launch of the business, you can make the website an all-hour portal to market your products and services. This is easy with the help of a good and reliable content management system. But what about choosing the right one? Let’s see why WordPress is the best CMS for your startups and entrepreneurship.

1. WordPress Is Free and Open Source

Most startups struggle with their budget in the beginning. WordPress is a free and open-source platform which helps to their limited budget. Backed by the billion-dollar developer company Automattic, named after its founder Matt Mullenweg, WordPress has thousands of volunteers and contributors from around the world working to improve it constantly.

WordPress is free for everyone to use. You can build as many websites as you want with WordPress. Moreover, the users also get access to all free updates and a load of free themes and plugins in the WordPress directory. These themes and plugins help the users for an easy head start, saving money and time.

Even though WordPress is free software with thousands of free themes and plugins, it doesn’t mean that you can run your website at zero cost. Other expenses like domain name, hosting, extra customizations, etc. are attached to running a website. These aren’t unique costs of WordPress but common to all other Content Management Systems.

2. WordPress Has Reliability

When it comes to starting a website, WordPress is greatly reliable. As an open source project, it’s almost free from bugs and exploits. It is developed by the effort of a huge lot of developers, testers, and coders. In the past 10 years, it has gracefully evolved overcoming all its limitations from the current web technologies.

More to say, WordPress uses secure web technologies like PHP, JavaScript, SQL, etc. Such reliability assures that WordPress will stay longer with exciting features and support in the future too.

3. There’s Always an Easy Exit With WordPress

During the inception, enterprises remain doubtful about the technologies and software needed for their website and are wary of spending on the software they are unsure of. Also, they’ll be bound to the service provider for every update and maintenance. Jumping to another platform at a later date can get things rumpled up, as the data gets locked to the old software most times.

Fortunately, things are different in WordPress. You own your data on a self-hosted install of WordPress. You can decide to move from WordPress to any other platform you like with all your data intact. Moreover,  there’s a huge pool of WordPress expertise to assist you to get along.

4. WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is a super SEO friendly platform. It has basic SEO aid out-of-the-box. Startups always take care to reach their audience through different means. A proper SEO gives great value to startups by bringing organic traffic to the website thereby enabling them to target the right audience.

The startups can also make use of the free SEO plugins available to enhance their website’s SEO performance.

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5. WordPress Has Easy eCommerce with WooCommerce

The most popular and hot WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce technology nowadays which is able to build an eCommerce venture of any level. For adding even more functionality to your store, you’ll have hundreds of free and premium plugins to enlarge your online e-commerce store. The WooCommerce plugin can comfortably let you start with your products or services. And, in the case of downloadable products you sell, the License Manager for WooCommerce and Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugins will help.

6. WordPress Themes and Plugins

Another benefit straight from WordPress is its ecosystem. It has a large amazing collection of free and paid plugins and themes. A startup can mix the free and paid and then step up to more paid plugins and themes when they have more funds or an increased budget for the website.

In this flourishing WordPress economy, it is very easy to access developers. That means, if a startup needs a custom plugin or theme, they can develop it easily by hiring a professional WordPress developer easily obtainable at an affordable rate.

7. WordPress is Responsive & Mobile Friendly

The users entering the internet via mobile devices has overhauled those entering via desktops. Furthermore, when it comes to responsive, Google is quite strict to non-mobile-friendly websites.

Need not to worry. WordPress has the technology for building mobile-friendly webpages and has a lot of free and premium themes which scale automatically to fit the screen size of the user. Official iOS and Android mobile apps are available those rendering the WordPress pages on mobiles with ease. For any reason, if your website isn’t responsive yet, you can do so afterward as well.

8. WordPress Has a Great Community

WordPress has a marvelous community. The community helps when the startups are baffled while developing and managing their websites. The community also has helpful guides for common problems.

Also, there are plenty of tutorials and guides on the most important features of WordPress, facilitating the startups to publish their WordPress websites as early as possible.

9. WordPress has a High Scalability

Startups have a tough time at their start. They’ll be concentrated on their hardship too much that they’ll be keeping a low profile even on the website. When the time comes when the business scales up, the website will also need more room to accommodate new milestones, dreams, and ideas. Building websites on the WordPress platform make them able to scale up whenever necessary. You can thus build a website for an international business spanning throughout continents. It is notable that huge multinationals like Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Sony Music, and a list of five starrers have built their online presence with WordPress. WordPress can be hosted even with a cheap shared hosting and also with premium WordPress hosting plans.

10. WordPress Is a Secure Platform

Startups work on unique approaches where it is necessary to assure that they retain their trade secrets intact. Plus, as a startup, a security infringement can bring a disaster to their status and public relations. That delivers WordPress as a great choice as it is a reliable platform which shields itself from third-party malicious doers.

As WordPress is a successful and familiar platform, it is most popular amongst hackers. Nevertheless, there isn’t any platform that is cent percent secure. The enthusiasm of developers, the community and the users can eradicate most of the usual threats and retain your website securely.

A startup also requires to perform its part with a reliable host, strong and unique username and password, an all-updated WordPress core, plugins, and themes. It will also need decent security plugins.

All the ideas shown in this article are appropriate to render you with enough reasons to choose WordPress as your website CMS. It is a perfect choice to set up a website swiftly with the least expense.

Hope you liked the article. We invite healthy suggestions from you in the comment box to improve us further. Happy WordPressing! 🙂

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