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All You Need To Know About Variation Swatches Features.

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variation swatches

Have you planned on building an e-store? You must have figured out by now the best platform for your online store. Yes, “WooCommerce” it is! WooCommerce is not just another free WordPress plugin there is much more to it. It stands out for its incredible features which make it a preferred platform for setting up an online store. 

Before we dive into the various plugin features, let’s understand WooCommerce.

  • User-Friendly – We can also say that its developer-friendly. Developers are given the freedom to customize the sites, build extensions, apply filters, migrate an existing store in any platform WooCommerce and the list goes on. WooCommerce helps bridge the gap between developers and online stores. 
  • It‘s free – Selling products online will not cost you anything as it’s free. The only thing you have to do is download the plugin. This can be adapted by people who are starting with very low capital. Here you just have to pay for the web hosting. 
  • It’s flexible – WooCommerce is the most flexible platform for online businesses. You don’t need great knowledge from the technical side to understand this platform. The products can be categorized based on the attributes provided like category, price, etc..
  • Customization Options – Being open does not limit the WooCommerce platform. In fact, they provide plenty of space for customizing online stores to a uniqueness level. E-commerce stores vary according to the products they sell, adapt the best features for your e-store and customize it accordingly.
  • Analytics Made Easy – Ecommerce startups might not be knowing how to implement a website analytics framework and what data need to be evaluated in a centered manner. The built-in analytics program sheds light on a wide range of statistics ie: figures like total sales, average order totals, individual customer statistics, etc can be presented via graphs. The analytic tool is considered one of the core tools used by website owners. 
  • Marketing – Marketing is a key aspect of any company as it helps to boost new business revenues and growth. Therefore, to have a successful business, no compromises can be made in the marketing field. How does WooCommerce help? You can run a lot of promotions with WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce as a platform is providing great assistance to e-commerce sites. The ability to trade online is a remarkable finding of the era. Given is the opportunity where one can shop for them or their loved ones, where time is limited due to the busy schedules. How is Variation Swatches connected with this? The answer is very simple. Putting up an online store with the help of WooCommerce and integrating one such plugin where the customer is able to choose products with reference to the color, pattern, trend, etc.. 

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce provides shoppers with an overview of all available options and combinations for items with variable attributes (e.g. color, size, texture, etc.). So now you must be clear on what Variation Swatches mean. The plugin provides options for viewing swatches of various types with custom styling, tooltips, and definitions of tooltips. It also allows you to set swatches based on the availability and stock.

Let’s dive in and see how Variation Swatches brings in impact:

  • There can be 4 cool swatch types ie – Color, Image, Label/Button and Radio.
  • Swatch style can be defined as specific to each product variation.
  • The swatches icon and tooltip can be customized as well.
  • A minimum value for stocks left alert can be set up to avoid unavailability.
  • There is an option to change the Ajax Variation Threshold.
  • Product swatches and tooltips can be displayed on Shop/Archive pages.
  • An appropriate description of the variable attributes can be provided.
  • There are different layouts available for the attribute label and swatches.
  • The unavailable variation can be indicated using Blur with cross/Blur/Hide.
  • More information can be added using various tooltip types like – Description, Images, Termname.
  • Different styling options for each swatch type – Radio, Label, Color, Image.
  • Display the minimum stock left label to prompt customers to grab the product before it goes out of stock.
  • Present the shop page swatches in different font sizes, icon sizes, and alignment with a dedicated shop page style.
  • Option to mark variable product attributes as featured and apply suitable styling.
  • Style the Clear button by adjusting the text color, text background color, border-radius, and border color.
  • Compatible with popular WooCommerce plugins and themes.

Let’s explore each category

How to Style Your Swatches With Swatch Types

How do WooCommerce Variation swatches plugin let you display the swatches? Well, this is applicable with correspondence to each variable product attributes using 4 different swatch types which can be categorized as Color, Image, Label, and Radio. These four attributes which are unavoidable in an e-commerce site is the first and foremost feature that a plugin should incorporate. 

Let’s understand the attribute features individually:

  • Color Variation Swatch – The products can be presented in a better way using product color. Products can be categorized in this regard.
  • Image Variation Swatch – The accurate presentation of the product can be obtained with the help of Image Variation Swatches. The customer can choose between the list of varied products. 
  • Label Variation Swatch The Label swatches helps for quick reference like size, quantity, etc. of the product. This helps the customer to choose the product with ease.
  • Radio Variation Swatch – With the help of Radio Variation Swatches one can choose from the list of all available variations of the product.

Informative Tooltip

This feature in the Variation Swatches is more effective as one can add more information to the tooltip using Description, Images and Term name. 

  • Description – With the help of a descriptive tooltip one can provide the necessary information about the product.
  • Images – Providing images as Tooltip brings in more clarity to the product. The product view which visually appeals to the customer prompts him to make the purchase. 

Display Swatches On Shop/Archive Page

The product is shown on the Shop/Archive page with the variations available as it can purchase from there without moving to the product page. Through changing the icon orientation, font size, icon height, and icon width, you can also style the swatch icon shown on the Shop Page.

  • Customize The Swatch Icon As Well As The Tooltip

Adjust the height, width and roundness of the icon to match the swatch icon. Tooltip can be styled by modifying the word name and tooltip description’s text color and background color.

  • Min. Stock Label

Using Min. Stock Left mark, you can concentrate the attention of consumers on the product’s limited availability and persuade them to buy the product before it goes out of stock.

  • Feature The Variable Product Attribute And Add Appropriate Description

Highlighting your variable product attribute is another feature. This is done by marking it as featured. This can be styled and an appropriate description can be added as well. 

If you are commencing your online store you definitely have to think about WooCommerce Variation Swatches. It can be installed in minutes and you can set up your professional store. Noted are the main and unavoidable feature of an estore plugin. The professional look and versatility makes the platform suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

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