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Author: Nabeel Aslam

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WordPress: How to Auto Logout Idle Users & How to Extend Auto Logout Period

When running WordPress sites with multiple users, there are always chances of a hack attack. Idle users in such websites impose higher risk in that scenario. When a user sits idle for…

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Builders to Easily Create a Custom WordPress Theme Without Coding

Creating WordPress themes normally involve a lot of coding. And coding is not always a matter of interest for all. Are you one of them who are interested in building a theme…

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WordPress Proposes a New Block Directory for Single Block Plugins

Tiny Block Plugins! And a directory for all those tinies! That is the latest proposal made by WooCommerce via Alex Shiels, a Reverse Engineer at Automattic. Being the largest website service in…

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How to Fix the WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

‘500 Internal Server Error’ – This is the most common yet most frustrating error you encounter while using WordPress. The error isn’t even a WordPress error but common among all websites across…

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WordPress Popups: A Complete Guide

You open up a WordPress website, and suddenly an advertisement or notification appears before you as a popup. As a WordPress website owner, you find this quite impressive such that you want…

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“Are You Sure You Want To Do This?” How To Fix This WordPress Error

WordPress is a wide platform spread across the world and contains more than 25 percent of the website owners in the world. And while using such a huge platform, there will occur…

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Writing and Activating a Function in WordPress

When it comes to developing plugins and themes for WordPress, the developers need plenty of concentration and moreover, some extra skills that can make the process of development easy and stacked. One…

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Fix 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress

The ‘503 Service Unavailable’ error is one disturbing error that you’ll face while using WordPress. The 503 error is a bit confusing as it points your website to an offline state without…

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Limit Login Attempts in WordPress: Doing It The Easy Way

WordPress is built as a secure platform to avoid security issues for all its users. However, it isn’t capable of making your website immune to illegal break-ins. These break-ins may be conducted…

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Plugins to Secure Your WordPress From Hackers, Malware and Other Threats

WordPress is a platform used by a wide variety of users across the world. That makes it vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Developers who love the platform has hard worked to provide…

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