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Builders to Easily Create a Custom WordPress Theme Without Coding

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Custom WordPress Theme

Creating WordPress themes normally involve a lot of coding. And coding is not always a matter of interest for all. Are you one of them who are interested in building a theme and is reluctant to code?

Until recently, the norms for creating a custom WordPress theme was an adequate knowledge in coding and a neat following of the WordPress Codex. But things have changed with time. Now is the era of easy WordPress theme builders and theme generators which are capable of providing a completed theme within hours. All you need to do is drag and drop the elements you require and customize them in the theme builder. And yes. There is zero percent requirement of code knowledge.

In this article, we’ll get you to shake hands with some best-in-class theme builders you can use safely and securely.

What Demands building Themes without Codes?

WordPress themes are built with more than one development tools like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For building a good stable theme, a proper understanding of all these tools is necessary. A second choice is to hire someone of expertise to build a custom theme for you, which will be very expensive and mostly ineffective as the developer may not be able to catch your idea completely.

The main problem of a custom theme is its non-affordability in case of

medium and small businesses. Such websites will have to depend on default WordPress themes instead of custom themes.

Then, many themes introduced theme frameworks for building custom themes. Even though it is easy to create WordPress themes with these frameworks, they also needed a developer edge which made it unsuitable for an average WordPress user.

If you were ready to come just one step down and compromise for custom page layouts, you could do it with the drag-and-drop theme template builders. This will be adequate if you can settle for edits limited to layouts only.

Let’s Meet Some Awesome Theme Builders!

Here’s a list of some effective theme builders available in the market. Go through each of them and find the one which suits you.

  1. The Beaver Themer

Beaver Themer is a theme builder that comes from the hood of the Beaver Builder WordPress theme which has a huge number of WordPress active websites. The Beaver Themer comes with layouts for archive pages, 404 & search pages, and templates an entire post type. It also creates page parts like headers and footers. The fields connections in the site builder allow connecting the layouts to the data inside each type of template. With this easy site builder add-on, you can create custom theme layouts using a drag-and-drop user interface, that too without a knowledge of codes.

The general version of the Beaver Themer has typical modules including HTML, text editor, multimedia, etc. The builder lets you add photos, color backgrounds, or videos as your website background. The themes created will also be responsive and mobile-friendly.

The Beaver Themer goes with just all other WordPress themes. There won’t be any loss of content while you switch themes. At any future point where you stops using the Beaver Themer, all your content will be reverted to the WordPress Editor without any hassle.

The premium version of the builder includes features like sliders, pricing tables, location map, social media icons, and a contact form. The premium version also offers some amazing pre-built layouts. The Beaver Themer has another unique feature, with which you can save, export, or import your layouts.

  1. Themify

The Themify Builder is one of the most intuitive theme builders for WordPress. With options to design any imaginable layout, you can simply select, drag, and drop to create beautiful website designs. Themify builder comes for free and includes a live preview of customization. The best part is that the builder is coding free.

Themify has both a frontend and a backend builder which comes along all default page building functionalities like copy-paste, import-export, undo-redo, etc. It also houses over 60 animation effects including flash, bounce, zoom in, shake, swing, tada, and much much more. It also lets you change from your default font to any pre-included Google fonts. Moreover, you can add a slider or video background, parallax scrolling, row overlay, etc.

Although Themify is a free builder, it comes with a package of all add-ons included at a price of $39. Single add-ons like Pricing Table are available separately for $10 extra.

  1. Divi

Another amazing theme builder in WordPress is the Divi Builder. It comes as a package with the Divi theme which is premium theme available for sale. However, you can use the Divi Builder alone as a plugin with any other theme.

The Divi Builder is an amazingly fast and very spontaneous frontend theme editor. It provides 46 different elements which anyone with a piece of computer knowledge can use to build vibrant WordPress designs, without the help of codes. It also provides more than 20 beautiful pre-built templates out-of-the-box to help you better. With these, all you need to do is just tweak these designs to build brand new pages that suit your taste.

With an enormous number of customization options, the Divi builder has a theme customizer that gives a live preview of your modifications. This helps you make real-time changes while watching them in effect at the frontend. Even not tired by bombarding with features, the builder even comes with an A/B split testing and also a conversion optimization tool. You can see some very reliable insights of your conversions with this helpful tool.

Divi is a builder that has got some awesome reviews from their active users. The builder seems to have helped them a lot to step up from where they stood. The Divi Builder is not too expensive to grab. You can have it with a $89 Elegant Themes license, or with a $249 lifetime membership.

  1. Visual Composer Website Builder

The Visual Composer is a beginner-friendly WordPress theme builder for creating some really fast custom web layouts. It is a simplistic drag-and-drop builder which boxes some out-of-the-box content elements, some professional templates, and an array of some very powerful features to build a professional website.

The Visual Composer Website Builder is a frontend editor for designing websites, almost similar to the Beaver Themer and the Divi Builder. But apart from them, it lets you edit the logo, menus, headers & footers, sidebars, etc. of your WordPress site, which is unique. That makes the Visual Composer a real website builder more than just a mere WordPress page builder. The builder plugin boasts serious support for the new Gutenberg, Yoast SEO, and Google Fonts.

The Visual Composer offers some powerful design features for customizing the appearance of all elements on your WordPress page. You can easily add smart website backgrounds to the page such as parallax, video, slideshow, carousel, gradient, zoom in / zoom out, etc. The plugin also offers flexible rows & columns to enable grid layouts on the website.

The Visual Composer goes hand-in-hand with almost all WordPress themes. This makes it possible to switch between themes easily without losing any custom layouts created or modified with the Visual Composer.

Unlike the other builders in the domain, this one website builder is truly designed for professionals, which is evident from the attention they have given to silly details such as a color choice memory, allowing you to apply the same color palette for uniformity throughout the design.

The free version of the Visual Composer offers the basic customization features for designing a complete website. For unveiling the complete feature list, you can buy the Visual Composer for $59 per single site.

  1. Elementor

The Elementor is a contemporary page builder offering a variety of features for customization. Its hands of customization reach thoroughly into every aspect of your WordPress site very quickly. That enables you to build picture-perfect designs for your WordPress with just a few days of practice.

Elementor is a frontend visual builder which comes with a library of pre-built page templates to help you start quickly. The designs are responsive and go well with mobile screens. The plugin also supports CSS customizations in case you know the basics. It ensures an international stage with multilingual support with WPML and Polylang plugins.

The Elementor plugin can be downloadable for free but comes with a premium version for $49 offering some additional features for much better customization.

Which is the Best Builder?

Comparing all the five plugins listed above, we can come to one clear conclusion. Compared to the other three plugins in the list, the Beaver Themer and the Divi Builder are the best choices. You can blindly choose any one of them if you are looking for an all-in-one builder. The Visual Composer is also a good choice to go for. If you’re not so reluctant to spend some money, all of these builders will give your website the look and feel you desired, and when it comes to conversions, they’ll make you say “No Regrets!”.

Will I Be Happy with Just Gutenberg?

This is a common question nowadays. The answer is, not really! Gutenberg is just a page editor with limited customization options. You can’t customize a complete website using Gutenberg. Thus, it should be stressed here that it will not make a substitute for Visual Theme Builders.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like the article. We really hope you choose any one visual builder from above and make your website awesome enough! Wishing you a happy WordPressing! 🙂

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