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Run Sidekiq in Digital Ocean Production Droplet for Capistrano Deployed Rails Application

We all know Sidekiq is a wonderful gem to enqueue active jobs in rails. All doubt how to run the Sidekiq server in a production environment and mostly all developers deploy in…

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How to Translate WordPress Plugins or Themes using Poedit Software

If you are trying to translate your favorite plugin or theme into other languages, we have multiple choices. Using translation plugins Using gettext translation method In this article, we are going to…

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How Your Online Store Can Improve With Variable Product Swatches

Online stores are the present and future of the retail business. With a swatches feature in your product page and shop page, it’ll be easy for shoppers to know what varieties you have in store for them with just a single look at the color, image, and label swatches.

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6 Effective Methods To Bridge The Gap Between Designers And Developers

IT has its widespread wings across the globe now. And all of these information technology firms hire designers and developers to get the hard work done. But the most common aspect we…

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12 Best WooCommerce Plugins in 2019 For Business Websites

Of all the online store platforms out there, sellers who sell their products in domestic and international markets always want to host their store on WooCommerce for its ease and flexibility. If…

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2 Minute Fix for Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

At times, your WordPress website may fail to finish an ongoing update. In such cases, you will be left stuck in the maintenance mode. WordPress then displays a ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled…

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What is Max Input Vars and How To Change It?

Max_input_vars limits the number of input variables your server can use for a single function. This limitation affects $_GET, $_POST and $_COOKIE superglobal separately. For the proper working of a WordPress site,…

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How to Solve Email Rendering Issues in Outlook

The world we live in is too tangible nowadays. Most people now like to settle on the touch-and-believe theory. Even if you show a ripe and fresh apple, they’ll buy it only…

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