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WordPress FAQ Plugin: But Why FAQ?

Have you thought about how much impact a WordPress FAQ plugin would bring? We all know that FAQ is a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one…

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All You Need To Know About Variation Swatches Features.

Have you planned on building an e-store? You must have figured out by now the best platform for your online store. Yes, “WooCommerce” it is! WooCommerce is not just another free WordPress…

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Add Custom Data as a New Column in the WooCommerce My Orders list in My Account page

Is there a way to add shipping information in the table at MyAccount > Orders? Yes, & of course. First check `Orders` menu on my account page, which shows order number, date,…

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6 Things to Consider Before Updating to WordPress 5.0

We’re halfway through 2019. And we still have WordPress users sticking on to their older versions of WordPress just because they are concerned that the update will bring unnecessary changes or bugs…

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WordPress: How to Auto Logout Idle Users & How to Extend Auto Logout Period

When running WordPress sites with multiple users, there are always chances of a hack attack. Idle users in such websites impose higher risk in that scenario. When a user sits idle for…

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Builders to Easily Create a Custom WordPress Theme Without Coding

Creating WordPress themes normally involve a lot of coding. And coding is not always a matter of interest for all. Are you one of them who are interested in building a theme…

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WordPress Proposes a New Block Directory for Single Block Plugins

Tiny Block Plugins! And a directory for all those tinies! That is the latest proposal made by WooCommerce via Alex Shiels, a Reverse Engineer at Automattic. Being the largest website service in…

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How to Fix the WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

‘500 Internal Server Error’ – This is the most common yet most frustrating error you encounter while using WordPress. The error isn’t even a WordPress error but common among all websites across…

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Deploying the Ruby on Rails One-Click Application from DigitalOcean

Getting your Ruby on Rails application on to an Ubuntu server is a very time-consuming task. This is just because of the high amount of prerequisites required before starting your project on…

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WordPress Popups: A Complete Guide

You open up a WordPress website, and suddenly an advertisement or notification appears before you as a popup. As a WordPress website owner, you find this quite impressive such that you want…

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