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How to Move WordPress From Your Local Server to A Live Site

Web development can always take a lot of time. With a localhost software like WAMP (in Windows) or MAMP (in Mac) installed in your computer, you can speed up your web development…

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Restoring WordPress from a Backup: Quick Guide

Are you preparing to restore your WordPress from a backup file? We always keep a backup of WordPress so that we can restore what we have done if something goes wrong. Anyway,…

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8 Most Effective Ways to Clear Your WordPress Cache

Caching is something you’ll prefer when the performance of your WordPress website goes down. That will be the second thing you’ll be doing other than maintaining proper web security for your WordPress…

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Fixes For Error in Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

Just another hectic day, you rush to your workplace, presses into your seat and mounts your computer. Shockingly enough, when you open up your website in the browser, it shows an error…

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How to Use Guttenberg: The New WordPress Block Editor

Before WordPress 5.0, things were not very different, except one. And this one thing that has made a big change is the default content editor of WordPress. This change can be mentioned…

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How to Move Your Website from Squarespace to WordPress

Have you had enough using the expensive, grey and drab email builder in Squarespace? Thinking of switching to WordPress for a better and user-friendly experience? Unlike Squarespace, WordPress offers a much better…

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15 Must-Have WooCommerce Plugins for 2018

Besides the common plugins available in the WordPress repository, many dedicated plugins are available in the WooCommerce repo too, most of them with a uniqueness to claim. An online commerce platform which…

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How to use Background Images In Emails

Usually, designers choose a variety of styling and designing techniques for building great email templates. Images, animated GIFs and social media icons are only some of them. But in most cases, designers…

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