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8 Easy Methods To Prevent Image Hotlinking In WordPress

At times, it’s too hard to detect a problem until it has caused enough damage. Image hotlinking is one such problem. It can seriously affect your website’s performance and also your bottom…

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10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Ideal for Entrepreneurs & Startups

In the present business era, no one can think about starting a business entity without an online presence. Normally, entrepreneurs and startup firms dream for a perfect online platform the same way…

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How to Use CSS PreProcessors in WordPress – An Infographic

There are a variety of CSS preprocessors available in the market. Among them, the most popular ones are SASS, SCSS, and LESS. All these applications are similar in syntaxes and dramatically increases…

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in E-Commerce

Today is the world of AI, which we pet call that technology called Artificial Intelligence. It does all the fine tuning in tech from editing photos to answering our issues. It, as…

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8 Worst WordPress Problems And Their Solutions

16 years have passed since the inception of WordPress. Since then, the CMS provider has assisted a large mass of people around the world for opening its own website, blogs,  online stores,…

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Plugins to Secure Your WordPress From Hackers, Malware and Other Threats

WordPress is a platform used by a wide variety of users across the world. That makes it vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Developers who love the platform has hard worked to provide…

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Fix For Error Too Many Redirects Issue in WordPress

When you open your website, instead of the hard worked front-end, you see a screen which tells you that you’re under an error of too many redirects or you are under a…

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Major WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities And How To Solve Them

WordPress serves over 30% of website owners across the world. It is one of the most used and best open source CMS in existence. WordPress is designed to upgrade the standards, aesthetics,…

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Best Ways To Monitor User Activity In WordPress

Do you own a multiple author blog? If not, are you at least concerned about anyone brute forcing your password? All these bring concerns to a blog owner, as there isn’t any…

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SSL Issues On WordPress: Convenient & Effective Fixes

Nowadays, most businesses online use SSL to secure their websites. SSL is a wall of security between communication networks and exists as encrypted messages. Hackers will find it difficult to crack these…

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