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Plugins to Secure Your WordPress From Hackers, Malware and Other Threats

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WordPress is a platform used by a wide variety of users across the world. That makes it vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Developers who love the platform has hard worked to provide some very effective plugins for WordPress security. These plugins will act as protection when your site is under attack and fights the brute forces and spam attacks against it. They work for the website as an inside agent and gathers intelligence on your site’s attackers.

Following is an effective list of some plugins that can help you fight hackers, eliminate spams, secure logins, and also save your backups. These highly rated plugins come with regular updates and are free of cost. Some of these plugins have premium versions which allow you to upgrade to avail more features.


Sucuri is your best available option for WordPress security. It is the market leader in the domain. Sucuri Security comes with a free version that allows you to intense your WordPress security and to scan for common threats. It also comes with paid plans for best firewall security. The firewall lets you defend brute forces and spam attacks from accessing your site.

Sucuri helps trace the bad traffic and filters it out before reaching the server. It also serves static content from their CDN servers. The DNS level firewalls from Sucuri provides great performance and speed for your WordPress site. The best thing is, you can take your malware affected website and they will clear the site off the malware.

All-In-One WP Security & Firewall

The All-In-One plugin is as its name depicts. It provides a complete solution for your website’s security issues. It also provides firewall protection to your WordPress site.

The All-In-One Security and Firewall plugin take the protection of WordPress sites to the next level. The main focus of the plugin is on brute force attacks, although it comes with many other functionalities. You can defend the most common attacks on your website using the All-In-One plugin. It uses a unique security point grading system which can measure the depth of protection offered to a website on the basis of current security features. That helps you to run your website without slowing down.

The plugin offers firewall protection in Basic, Intermediate, and Advance levels. You can thus apply firewall rules in any intensity as you need. The firewall protection is added through the .htaccess file. The file is processed first before processing any other code. The plugin also provides anti-scam protection, wp-config.php backup, and front end copy protection.


Wordfence, like Sucuri, is a very familiar name in the WordPress security domain. It has over two million active users and is adding more to the list.

With the live traffic view in Wordfence, you can view real-time traffic updates and hacking attempts on your WordPress website. The plugin is multi-site compatible and comes with a mobile sign in feature. That makes you able to defend brute forces.

Wordfence comes with features to block attacks in real-time. It also defends the complete network of malicious threats that can harm your site. Its Two-Factor Authentication has given it a greater value to be used by government offices and militaries.

Wordfence has options to verify the plugins and themes in the WordPress repo and to scan signatures of more than 40,000 variants of malware. Wordfence is always a good choice for your WordPress website.

iThemes Security

This plugin comes from the house of the most popular BackupBuddy plugin. iThemes has provided a very neat and user-friendly interface to this plugin like any other plugin of theirs. The plugin is packed with a load of essential features.

iThemes Security provides security hardening, limited login attempts, file integrity checks, password enforcement, brute force protection, 404 detections, etc. for your WordPress website. Still, it lacks the protection offered through a firewall. You won’t find a malware scanner of their own either. It instead uses Sucuri’s Sitecheck malware scanner.

BulletProof Security

The Bulletproof Security, as its name depicts, acts like bulletproof protection for your website. It is a one-click solution for your WordPress security concerns. It provides protection for your website against code injection hackings and also against RFI, XSS, CRLF, SQL injections etc. The plugin is so beginner-friendly and is very easy to handle.

It comes with robust firewall protection thus offering the website complete protection against brute forces during the data backup process. Some of the plugin’s other features are the one-click setup wizard, .htaccess file protection, hidden plugin folders, login security & monitoring, idle session logout, etc.

The bulletproof plugin has a premium version that offers security to the wp-admin folder and the root website with a single click. It also comes with options for the developers to display a ‘503 Under Maintenance’ page when the website is under construction.


The Vaultpress plugin comes with real-time backup and security services. As it is designed by Automattic, the house of WordPress, it is one of the most popular plugins in the domain. The plugin creates an effective backup of each and every post, comment, media, revisions, and settings to their server. As it is backed by Jetpack, it ensures you that your WordPress is safe from the hands of hackers, spam, malware, and other damages.

Since your website can’t be 100% spam or hack proof whichever plugin you install, it is very important to create a backup. Vaultpress does this very efficiently, creating scheduled backups store to their servers. These backups will be restored in seconds in case of an attack. Vaultpress also scans your website for viruses and malware which can be removed with a single click.

Wrapping Up

While owning a WordPress site, your first priority should be to provide complete security to your website. Without security plugins, it can feel like a feat. A lazy approach to security will take you to real trouble later. A website’s content is days of hard work of not one, but many people. Seeing it go to dogs is never a good sight at all.

By installing a WordPress security plugin, you are proactively ensuring guaranteed protection to your website. The plugins we have featured above can help you get the best protection for your WordPress.

Hope you install some of them and get better security. If it helped you reading this article, we would be privileged. Please share your thoughts on this article in the comment box, so that we can grow together. Have happy WordPress days! 🙂

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