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WordPress Trends in 2019: The Must Knows For Success

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WordPress users across the world is an increased number of 74.6 Million today. The users around the world are keen to know the latest trends in WordPress platform in 2019.

WordPress has introduced a handful of new features and improvements in the past year. It has also taken care to retain some of the oldies for good. Let’s wait excitedly to know what it has in store for 2019.

What Are The Changes To Be?


The revolution that WordPress has in store for 2019 is the all-new WordPress editor, which they call ‘Gutenberg’. It has replaced the TinyMCE Editor to be the default ‘WordPress Editor’ (and so will it be called in future).

If you think to disagree with the new editor, there are still options to switch back to the old editor. One of them is to install the Classic Editor Plugin. Anyhow, the new WordPress Editor will give a novel experience to the WordPress users who ought to look forward. Although we now see Gutenberg limited as the page and post editor, WordPress is on its way adopting Gutenberg for editing features in themes and for customizing WordPress.

Video Headers

The online video consumption is now at an all-time high and tends to further increase in years to come. When video marketings can gain you good business, it can be much more attractive with video headers.

Video headers provide your website with an elegant and engaging look. Still, you should be careful while placing a video header, as it can increase the page loading time and affect the overall quality of the website.

With the release of WordPress 4.7, it has gained very positive reviews for the ability to add video headers. Many popular themes tweaked their designs to let you add video headers easily.

As we think, video headers are going to be the hitmaker for WordPress users. It will obviously gain the hearts of website viewers.

WordPress 5.0

Whenever WordPress releases a new version, it creates super excitements among the users. However this time, it was a lot of chaos due to the new Gutenberg block editor.

By the end of 2018, WordPress released its version 4.9.8 including the Gutenberg Callout urging its users to install and update.

Following are some of the changes happening from WordPress 5.0:

More Inherent Site Building Experience

WordPress is very well known for the five minute installation time and its user-friendly interface. The team WordPress puts a lot of effort into making it even simpler with every new release. This effort is one reason why they always lead the market.

Building Custom Themes Is Now Easier

Without any development background, can you think of customizing a theme? Now with blocks in the new WordPress, you can easily create themes, thanks to Gutenberg.

Plugins Need Gutenberg Compatibility

Plugins are the inevitable members in a WordPress account. Almost all of these plugins come in direct or indirect contact with the WordPress editor when it comes to adding features, shortcodes, etc. When Gutenberg replaces the old editor, it will be mandatory for the plugins to be compatible with Gutenberg.


Something that isn’t changing in 2019 is the WordPress login with passwords. The history of passwords begin from ancient times, and to be quite clear, it is a very primitive concept. The world now has moved on to Finger IDs and Face IDs for better user experience. Yet, passwords aren’t going to leave the stage anytime soon.

This is because of the option for frequent updates of a password. Moreover, if your fingerprint ID or Face ID gets compromised, the only option for access is a password or password reset. The password is also a switch between interfaces and devices. The one thing you need to use a service with its mobile app and on the laptop is the password.

Artificial Intelligence With Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking charge with every day that passes. And it is being regularly updated to improve online chatbots.

Chatbots help you to provide better user support by integrating with your CRM. In 2019, chatbots are becoming more personalized with AI. With personalized chatbots, you can know more about a user than him just as a random visitor. With the use of CRMs like Salesforce or ActiveCampaign, you can get a proper picture of the lead captures, promo clicks, and in site social media interactions of your visitors.

Blogs Are Back

There was a time long back when people had been following blogs a lot. But when time passed by, social media took the reigns and marketing became further easy with all the users and easy display interface of the media.

But now, Facebook, the biggest of all social media changed the way it displayed pages. Many marketing contents put on the show by businesses disappeared from the pages. This made all the business people realize that it is not safe to rely on a single entity for marketing. Now, businesses have returned to the old way of blogging. Publishing blogs frequently on your website can bring more users to your site, and help you have a grip on marketing at the same time you post on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Return Of The Rest API

In 2019, you will once again meet the REST API. You will have an Admin panel on Rest API with which you can use WordPress as a framework for managing content for any web application.

With Rest API, you will have your API for WordPress data with which developers can access the content remotely by sending and receiving JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). With Rest API to stand with you, WordPress lets you create mobile apps like creating websites.

What Are The Impacts?

Impacts of the new changes will be different for each and every one.

Impact On The Users

When it comes to Rest API, you won’t feel the slightest change as a user. Even if any of your plugins are built on Rest API, there aren’t any chances of a user impact.

In the case of videos and chatbots, they will create a positive impact for you as a user, as it helps to create engaging content on the website. That will improve the website experience three times better and will yield adequate results.

With all the above said, the aspect with the most impact on you is Gutenberg, the block editor. Gutenberg will take you to another world of content creation, but no guarantee that you can cope with it. Although most of the current users can get used, it is not enough to drive new users to WordPress.

Impact On The Hosting Providers

There are dedicated WordPress hosting companies around the globe. Still, it seems unsure about how they are going to train their support engineers.

The Rest API exposes your backend completely when you connect your WordPress with any third party. This is an easy door for hackers. With all the new trends WordPress implements, website security is going to be a question mark.

With changes like these happening, one way to cling on is to have a managed WordPress hosting. Go looking for the top of the list and choose a provider that suits your budget.

Impact On The Developers

Although challenges are awaiting developers in the future of WordPress, one of the biggest among them is the transition from PHP to Javascript.

Rest API and Gutenberg provides to continue with PHP. But when Gutenberg opens out completely, Javascript will dominate in most plugins. This can be a severe issue when WordPress itself is evolving to accommodate more and more Javascript and less PHP.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you liked reading us! Wishing for us to improve? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box. Sharing is caring. 🙂

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